Networking Services

The challenges

For many companies, after spending the time, effort and funds to implement an in-house network only to discover that managing their network requires dedicated staff, infrastructure and monetary resources, a managed network solution becomes a viable and attractive alternative. A successful network implementation often requires a large investment in funds and resources. Here is a brief look at some of the other issues that explain why an in-house implementation and management of your network is not the best solution:

  • Back up, redundancy, hardware and software maintenance and upgrades are expensive.
  • Operating costs for network infrastructure and services tends to fluctuate monthly, which can be hard to budget for.
  • IT staff often spend more time on network-based tasks than on strategic company IT projects.
  • In-house IT staff often lack or have incomplete knowledge or experience relating to network infrastructure and systems.
  • Businesses are often unable to handle regulatory compliance requests.

The solution

Having a reputable IT services provider handle your network solution is a practical way to streamline and rationalize your networking needs. Research shows that the direct and indirect cost of a dedicated internal resource management infrastructure is generally 25 to 30% higher than if you were to outsource your infrastructure. There are, of course, many other good reasons why you should outsource your network implementation and management:

  • Reduce and control operating costs: outsourcing is the most cost effective way to stretch your precious IT budget.
  • Outsourcing results in predictable and affordable monthly costs.
  • Industry best practice: Use the service providers ITIL compliant service desk to log installation requests, moves, adds and changes (IMAC).
  • Gain access to valuable expertise in support of your IT infrastructure.
  • Outsourcing allows backup and redundancy of your network infrastructure.
  • In-house IT staff are free to concentrate on strategic company IT projects.
  • Outsourcing providers can offer valuable technical depth and breadth of experience.
  • Implementation of industry Best practices when managing you network.
  • Pro-active network monitoring
  • Regularly scheduled software and hardware maintenance and upgrades.
  • Improved network operations.
  • Reliable data backup and recovery.
  • A managed network service provides flexible economies of scale and specialization.
  • Regulatory compliance requirements are more easily planned for and implemented.

Upgrading Router for VOIP use

How we can help

At Cybertech, we have experienced and capable staff who can implement a managed network solution tailored to your specific needs. Our managed network services are second to none and can be specific to your current and future needs. Solutions are managed by our team of highly skilled network administrators, technicians, and talented consultants who are on call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and 365 days a year.

Project management and coordination are essential for the successful deployment of complex network solutions. Cybertech’s experienced and capable project managers will work closely with you to ensure that the service transition is done seamlessly and professionally. Our project managers will act as the main point of contact throughout the duration of the service transition and will assist you with services such as:

  • Dedicated network support.
  • The latest in network security solutions.
  • A 24x7x365 service desk to report network incidents.
  • Vendor support.
  • Pro-active network monitoring.
  • Advice and support on network improvements.

We believe that fulfilling our clients’ current and future needs is our key to your success. A Cybertech managed network solution will allow you to focus on your core business while we focus on ours – getting your network running, optimized, and providing you with opportunities to increase your revenues and achieve long-term success. Regardless of your requirements, our courteous and dedicated sales team will work with you to create a network solution uniquely tailored and configured to your specifications.



Having a proper network is vital to a lot of people who work from home. Even if you didn’t work from home, most people are online checking emails, paying bills or just surfing the web. Well, with so much WiFi traffic, we at Cybertech Solutions like to keep everything hardwired. We do like the option of WiFi but, just within your home, you have your cell phone, microwave, house cordless phones, all your wireless devices and radio waves that your home has to fight through. Creating a network infrastructure at your residence is what we do. Making sure all your computer and personal information is secure. Let us design a network system at your home or office. Cover your home with WiFi so when you do need it, your covered. Cybertech Solutions will make sure your computers and information is safe and secure.