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Small Business IT Solutions throughout South Florida

Cybertech IT Solutions has been providing professional IT Support for businesses in and around South Florida since 2008.  We strive to give our clients Enterprise-level services and solutions at prices that work for small businesses.  Time and experience has helped us develop best practices and workflow procedures around a proactive philosophy designed to keep your focus on your business, not your technology.

Our team of experts can become your outsourced IT department; responding to issues quickly, often before you even know about them.  Covering everything from your servers and network infrastructure, to your computers, workstations and mobile devices, we provide end-to-end solutions for all of your technology needs.

Custom Build and Repair Any Computer, Laptop, Server. Give us a call to schedule a technician today!
16 Xeon Core Server Build with 48GB of Ram, Hot Swappable Raid Drives. Give us a call to build your system today!
Brand New Servers for a Walmart Store.
Brand New Servers for a Walmart Store.

With Cybertech IT Solutions as your outsourced IT partner, you will experience:

  • Less Downtime – Faster resolution leads to more productivity
  • Fewer Day-to-Day Issues – Proactive maintenance prevents issues in general
  • More Opportunities – And more time in the day to take advantage of them
  • Flat-Rate IT Budget – Know your IT expenses ahead of time, your accounting department will thank you!
  • Infrastructure Protection – Keep your network and devices safe and secure
  • Business Continuity – Through backup and disaster recovery methods and best practices
  • A Good Night’s Sleep – Knowing your business is in good hands 24×7.

Not sure where to begin, or even if Cybertech IT Solutions is a good fit for your organization?  Contact us to learn more about how we can help move your business forward.

“Your complete IT Solutions Resource.”