Cabling Services

Structured Network Cabling Installers in South Florida

Services offered include, but are not limited to:

  • Data Network Cabling Installation (Ethernet cabling) using Cat 5, Cat5e, and Cat 6 cable installation
  • Voice / Telephone Wiring & Cabling Installation
  • Structured Cabling Design & Implementation
  • Fiber Optic installation in South Florida and surrounding areas
  • Data Wiring & Network Installation
  • South Florida WiFi / Wireless Network Installation | WLAN Networking Setup | Access Point Installer
  • Security Camera Cabling Installation (CCTV, IP Security Cameras, Wireless Cameras, & Video Surveillance Install)
  • Alarm System Cabling & Installation
  • Audio / Video Coaxial Cabling & Wiring for South Florida and surrounding areas
  • Distributed Antenna Systems (DAS)
  • Data Center Build out or Decommisioning
  • Paging Systems
  • Concealed Wire & Cabling



We understand that your business lives and thrives on its ability to communicate, and with advances in voice and data transmission speeds, cable technology and increased bandwidth requirements, we provide the cabling solutions that keep your business moving forward.

Commercial 70V Audio Cabling with Volume Control Install
2 New cable runs to network room to further support more devices on their network.
70V Commercial Audio Installation with Volume Controls.
Cabling for a Surveillance System in a New Footlocker Under Construction

Whether building a new office from the ground up, relocating to a new facility or simply making changes to your existing layout, your infrastructure is affected. Our team of IT consultants provide a strategic approach to designing and implementing an efficient, high performance network. From budgeting and network design through installation, testing and ongoing maintenance, we have the expertise that you need. Our design and engineering services include:

  • Site Survey
  • Documentation
  • Audit Services

When it comes to a data center build out, you need a contractor that understands structured network cabling and data center infrastructure. Because the monetery value of what is stored in your data center is extraordinary, a high performance, well organized data center environment is essential. Below are some aspects to a successful data center build out:

  • Placement, Installation & Mounting of Cabinets, Racks and Cable Trays
  • Network Cabling & Cable Management
  • Airflow Management
  • Bonding & Grounding
  • Defined Naming Conventions & Labeling Schemes
  • Connectivity Matrix Documentation

We support your systems even in Data Centers
Support for you Data Center Infrastructure

Restructured Wiring

Do you love your home but its just not able to handle the latest technology? Perhaps it’s just under wired. Here at Cybertech Solutions we can retrofit any home old or new to have the correct cables like RG6, CAT5e, CAT6, speaker cables, surveillance camera cables, coax cable, fiber optics cable and much more. With experience in construction and framing we can retrofit cables in any home to make it up to date and to handle today as well as tomorrow’s technology. Don’t let the cable guy or satellite guys ruin your beautiful home with a bunch of cables stapled around or in your home. Contact us so we can do what we do best, Clean up all the visible cables!